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Theme Park Workers’ Compensation

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Delaware Theme Park Workers’ Compensation

Though the risk of injury exists in any type of employment setting, some employment environments are more dangerous than others. For example, an office building is generally substantially safer than a construction site. One type of workplace that comes with a significant risk of injury is an amusement park or another type of theme park. Theme parks generally require a large number of employees working in many different capacities in order to simultaneously operate rides, games, provide entertainment, sell concessions, keep the grounds clean, offer adequate security, and more. Each position comes with its own unique risks of workplace injury. Workers who suffer an injury or illness that is related to working at a theme park often have the right to employer-covered medical treatment as well as wage replacement for missed work through the Delaware workers’ compensation program. Benefits are not automatic, however, and many employers attempt to limit or eliminate their liability for an employee’s injury. If you believe you should be entitled to this type of benefits, call experienced Delaware workers’ comp attorney Ryan Zavodnick to discuss your case as soon as possible.

Common Theme Park Injuries

Though Delaware does not have as many theme parks as some neighboring states, attractions such as Funland or Midway Speedway and White Water Mountain in Rehoboth Beach draw thousands of visitors and have a large number of employees involved in operations. Unfortunately, these employees may often be involved in the following types of incidents:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falls from control booths, ladders, or other heights
  • Electrocutions
  • Drowning accidents

In addition to the potentially severe injuries that may occur in the above incidents, amusement park employees may also suffer from heatstroke, exhaustion, or other conditions related to constant exposure to the summer weather.

Animal Parks

Animal parks, such as the Brandywine Zoo in Wilmington, come with an additional set of injury risks. Not only are many zoo employees outside for extended periods of time, but many have regular contact with many different types of animals. Animals—especially wild ones—can be extremely unpredictable and may turn unexpectedly on even the most trusted trainer. For example, in 2010, an Orca whale in SeaWorld suddenly pulled an experienced trainer into the water and killed her. Because of the unpredictable and potentially volatile nature of animals, employees of theme parks with animals must always know their rights in regard to workers’ compensation for injuries sustained on the job.

How workers’ comp can help theme park workers

If you work at a theme park and suffer any type of job-related injury or illness, you have the right to workers’ comp benefits to cover medical treatment, lost income while you recover, and more. Unfortunately, some employers may try to avoid paying benefits or may try to limit the amount you receive to prevent an increase in premiums. An experienced work comp lawyer knows how to communicate with your employer to get you fair compensation. Even if your employer has already denied your claim for benefits, an attorney familiar with the workmans’ comp process in Delaware can file a claim with the Office of Workers’ Compensation on your behalf and represent you throughout any following proceedings. The assistance of a qualified attorney can greatly increase your chances of receiving the full amount of benefits that you deserve.

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If you work at a theme park or any other type of employer in Delaware, you deserve to have a safe environment in which to work. If you have suffered an illness or injury due to workplace conditions at a theme park, you deserve to receive the maximum amount of benefits possible under the state workmans’ comp laws. In order to guarantee that your employer or your employer’s insurer does not attempt to take advantage of you, you should always seek assistance from an attorney who knows how the Delaware workers’ comp system works. Attorney Ryan Zavodnick leads a team of legal professionals who know how to stand up for the rights of injured workers in Delaware and can help you receive the benefits you deserve. If you have suffered an injury, do not hesitate to call us at (302) 364-6047 for a free consultation today.