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Hospital Injuries Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Because hospitals are often associated with health, wellness, and treating medical conditions, most people would not imagine that hospitals themselves are dangerous places to work. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that hospitals are the most hazardous type of workplace in the United States. In recent years, hospitals have reported more occupational injuries and illnesses to workers than construction, manufacturing, and other typically dangerous industries. In 2011 alone, nearly 60,000 hospital workers has to miss work in order to recover from a serious job-related medical condition. If you are an employee of a hospital and have suffered injury at work, you are likely entitled to substantial benefits from the Delaware workers’ compensation program. Please do not hesitate to contact experienced workers’ comp attorney Ryan Zavodnick to discuss how our office can help you with your claim today.

Why are hospitals so dangerous?

Hospitals are such hazardous places to work for a number of reasons. Some factors that contribute to the large number of injuries to hospital workers include the following: Ethical duties – Medical professionals have an ethical duty not to harm or allow harm to patients, which often leads to worker putting their safety at risk to protect or assist a patient. Unpredictable events – Hospitals are not like assembly lines in which every day is the same and workers are trained for every situation. Many hospital workers must make instant decisions in new and stressful situations on a nearly daily basis. Patients with limited mobility – Injured, ill, or elderly patients often require significant assistance with even the simplest movements. Hospital workers are constantly transferring patients from ambulances, gurneys, or wheelchairs, as well as repositioning patients or assisting them in and out of bed. Such lifting can cause neck and back injuries, shoulder pain, repetitive stress injuries, and more. Exposure – Hospital staff are constantly exposed to bodily fluids, toxins, and patients with infectious diseases. If conditions are not sanitary or a worker comes into contact with contaminants, he or she may end up contracting a serious disease or other illness. Slip and falls – Again, hospitals involve many different types of liquid, including bodily fluids, chemicals, and just simple water to help clean up messes and keep the environment as sterile as possible. Unfortunately, these liquids can end up on the floor and can cause workers to fall on slippery surfaces. Additionally, workers may trip over wires, bed frames, and other equipment that may be constantly moved around on a hospital floor. Sharp tools – Hospital workers often handle needles, surgical instruments, and other sharp objects that can cause a harmful laceration or piercing. Dangerous patients – Many patients who enter the hospital may not be completely mentally stable. Such patients may become frustrated by their surroundings and may suddenly lash out at workers during outbursts, sometimes assaulting the workers. This is especially true for workers in psychiatric wards. These are only some of the many hazards that exist in hospitals that may cause injury or illness to workers.

Workers’ compensation benefits for hospital workers

Whether you have suffered a back injury, an infectious disease, or head trauma from a fall while working in a hospital, you deserve proper compensation for any income you lose due to missed work and for your related medical expenses. You may also be entitled to substantial benefits to compensate for any permanent disabilities or impairments due to your illness or injury. However, hospitals and their insurance companies will often work to limit or completely avoid liability and to keep the insurance costs as low as possible. Additionally, hospital administration personnel as well as insurance adjusters are often extremely busy with concerns that involve issues other than employee injuries. Therefore, the initial workers’ compensation claims of hospital workers may be declined for a variety of reasons.

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If you were injured while working in a hospital or other type of medical facility, you should always consult with an experienced Delaware workmans’ comp attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Ryan Zavodnick is a highly skilled in assisting injured workers receive the benefits they deserve, so please call for a free consultation today at (302) 364-6047.